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3rd International Rhine Round Table

Frontiers in Advanced Ceramics Materials

The International Rhine Round Table (hosted by the ACerS Chapter Germany and the MRS Chapter Cologne) was established as a platform to connect researchers from industry and academia, who are active in the field of ceramics and glass technology. Besides facilitating scientific discussions among world-class experts on the emerging trends in science and technology of ceramics materials and glass, this forum offers a common space to discuss shared interests among different professional societies in Germany, Europe and other regions worldwide to promote collaboration in research and training. Renowned international experts will participate this year to showcase their recent developments in fundamental and applied R&D, and to discuss new models for improving the engagement of young scientists in professional activities and societies.The participation to the event is free of charge.

Free Registration 



  • Facilitating international and interdisciplinary colaboration
  • Promotion of young professionals
  • Achieving gender equality


  • High Temperature Ceramics
  • Ceramics for Energy Storage 
  • Advanced Processing of Functional Ceramics
  • Biomaterials

Round Table Discussion

Prof. Dr. Eva Hemmer (MRS student engagement, ACerS Board Member)

The event includes a round table discussion with representatives of the ACerS, MRS, ECerS, DGM and DKG. The panelists talk about their future visions and programs supporting young talents in their early career stage but also addressed critical questions concerning:

- Value Proposition in Being a Society Member
- Opportunities for Career Advancement
- Diversity and Inclusion
- Future of Scientific Conferences and Networking

During the Society Spotlights session all panelists have the chance to talk in more detail about the reflections and directions of their research society with focus on innovation and societal challenges. Students have the chance to get in contact with the panelist and to deepen the discussions on topics mentioned above.